Site Energy Surveys

At Oakrange we recommend that an energy survey is conducted on your site before the introduction of energy saving devices or processes.

What is a Site Energy Survey?

An energy survey comprises of multiple tests and observations to deduce overall energy usage including peak usage and energy spikes throughout the working day.

This includes:

  • Voltage monitoring- Oakrange will visit your site and install a temporary voltage monitor to measure your sites energy usage over a 24 hour period.
  • Inspection of distribution boards- Switching off or removal of redundant circuits. In addition in larger facilities with large electrical supplies may benefit from phase balancing to reduce wasted energy.
  • General site observations during working hours- Observing staff practises for example use of portable heaters, Lights turned on in unoccupied areas.


Once the information is collected we can then generate a detailed analysis of your sites energy usage. Oakrange can then suggest new processes to reduce energy consumption or look at the installation of technology to further reduce consumption such as Voltage Optimisers or LED technology.