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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

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EV chargers

31-03-2017- News Electric Car Charging Points

Installation of Electric Car Charging Points 

Oakrange has been maintaining electric car charging points for over three years.

We have the technical knowledge and capability  to install the charging points on a nationwide basis at your home or business.

We supply and install Rolec charging points for domestic and commercial use.

Energy Saving in Your Dealership

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Energy Saving in Your Dealership

News 05/02/2017- Energy Saving in your dealership


Oakrange electrical is currently working with many dealerships to reduce their carbon footprint. There are multiple areas which we can look at to begin reducing your energy consumption.

Voltage Optimisation

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Voltage Optimisation

01/02/2017- News update - Voltage Optimisation


Voltage Optimisation or European Harmonisation means current electrical devices work effieciently at 220v. However UK mains electricity is supplied at voltages upto 253v. 

With the introduction of new products such as voltage optimisers, the voltage supplied to your site can be reduced leading to potentially a large annual saving.

Oakrange Test Equipment Website

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News 26-07-2012

Oakrange Test equipment Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of "oakrange-te"
This website is solely devoted to our diagnostic test equipment

Take a few moments to review our new website and products
If there are any products that interest you please contact the sales team
and we will be happy to supply your requirements.

Visit :

Oakrange Energy Saving for your Dealership

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Energy saving for car dealerships

News 20-03-2012

Oakrange is working with many dealerships to reduce there carbon foot print. There are many areas that can be looked at to save energy on your site. Oakrange can provide a comprehensive list of energy saving ideas and solutions To suit all pockets. These range from simple staff measures turning off light switches to the savings that can be made within your electrical system, and Lastly the Eco energy solutions such as wind and solar. Call us today to get your free top 20 energy saving solutions document. Or contact us through the website.

Oakrange "Made in Sheffield"

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Made in Sheffield

News 15-01-2012

Oakrange for 2012 has been approved to use for all its
 test equipment  the "Made in Sheffield" Mark.
Which we have manufactured in South Yorkshire for over 25 years.   
This has been awarded because of our comitment to quality
through our registration to ISO 9001 and the robust design of our equipment.

New Website

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onsite calibration oakrange

New 01-01-2012 Welcome to our brand new website!
It has been designed with you in mind and continues to reflect our high standards of service provision and customer care. Within this site you will find a comprehensive list of both our site and workshop services. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of services we provide, all of which have come about by listening to the needs of HSO’s, Dealer Principles and Service Managers. Enjoy your browse and please contact us if you would like further information on any of the services.

Oakrange Fire Risk Assessments

News 23-03-2011 - Oakrange Fire Risk Assessments

An important part of running your site is ensuring that you comply to fire regulations. After our trained assessor visits your site, a full report will detail the status of your whole site and where improvements and actions are required. A site map is also provided clearly illustrating where fire essentials are sighted, for example; call points, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.